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Sheikh Ahmed Bin Eid Al Thani Participates in a Seminar 25/Mar/2009

Sheikh Ahmed Bin Eid Al Thani Participates in a Seminar

Sheikh Ahmed Ben Eid Al Thani, Head of QFIU, participated, along with a number of specialists from QFIU in the seminar entitled “The efforts exerted by the State of Qatar in the AML/CFT field”
organized by Ahmad Ben Mohamed Military Faculty on Monday 23/03/2009.
In his presentation, Sheikh Ahmad Bin Eid underlined the following issues:
-Definition of money-laundering, terrorist financing, associated risks and adverse effects.
-Stages of money-laundering.
-The international authorities that set AML/CFT standards and their specific role.
-Qatar’s AML/CFT experience.
-QFIU and its role and functions.
-The importance of national cooperation and concerted efforts.
-The importance of training in enhancing the performance and developing the various skills.

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AML Laws

Law No.(4) of 2010, Combating Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing.
Law No.(3) of 2004, Combatting Terrorism.
Law No.(11) of 2004, Penal Code Of Qatar.
Law No.(23) of 2004, Code Of Criminal Procedures.

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