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Qatar Contributes to the AML/CFT Trust Fund 17/May/2009

Qatar Contributes to the AML/CFT Trust Fund

His Excellency the Prime Minister & Minister of Foreign Affairs approved, on 7/4/2009 Qatar’s $2 million US Dollars contribution to finance the AML/CFT Trust Fund established by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to provide the financial resources required to finance programs of technical assistance provided to the member states to combat money laundering and terrorist financing.
The State of Qatar’s consent to participate in the financing of the Trust Fund assures, once again, its determination to join the international community in its serious endeavor to combat cross-border AML/CFT crimes. The State of Qatar also commends the IMF important role in this regard and the advisory services and technical assistance programs provided to the country. Qatar attaches paramount importance to these contributions, which aim to help the International Monetary Fund to provide technical assistance programs to specific countries.

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AML Laws

Law No.(4) of 2010, Combating Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing.
Law No.(3) of 2004, Combatting Terrorism.
Law No.(11) of 2004, Penal Code Of Qatar.
Law No.(23) of 2004, Code Of Criminal Procedures.

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