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18th Plenary Session of the Egmont Group 01/Jul/2010

18th Plenary Session of the Egmont Group

A delegation of Qatar Financial Information Unit, presided over by H.E Sheikh Ahmad bin Eid Al Thani, participated in the 18th Plenary Session of the Egmont Group, held in Columbia from 27/6/2010-1/7/2010.

During the opening ceremony, which was marked by the attendance of His Excellency Mr. Alvaro Uribe Vélez, President of the Republic of Colombia, H.E Sheikh Ahmed bin Eid Al Thani provided “Qatar Report” on the 17th Plenary Session of the Egmont Group held in Doha from 24-28 May, 2009.

At the outset, H.E Sheikh Ahmed extended his greetings to H.E Mr. Alvaro Uribe Vélez, President of the Republic of Colombia, and Mr. Luis Urrutia, Chair of the Egmont Group who was recently appointed Chair of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), and congratulated Mr. Fernando NIÑO NIÑO, the Head of the Colombian FIU and his team for the special Colombian welcome and hospitality at the 18th Plenary Session of the Egmont Group.

H.E conveyed also the greetings of the Prime Minister, H.E Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassim Bin Jaber Al Thani, who provided all the necessary requirements for the success of the 17th Qatar Plenary, and extended his gratitude for his patronage and support which reflects the Government’s commitment and cooperation on the international level.

H.E also extended his gratitude to past Chair of the Egmont Group, Mr. Neil Jensen for co-chairing the 17th Plenary with the QFIU, and to all the participants in the 18th Plenary for having the opportunity to provide “Qatar Report” on the 17th Plenary.

H.E was very proud to announce that the 17th Plenary was the first Egmont meeting to be held within the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC), further promoting international cooperation and understanding, and indicated that the international FIUs participating in the Plenary nominated H.E, as chair of the Asian Group and member of the Egmont Group.

 H.E Sheikh Ahmad concluded with the goals that the 17th Plenary achieved, particularly:

·           The Development of the Egmont Group’s mission and objectives;

·           The Development and deepening of the working relationships and friendships; and

·           The Development of a deeper understanding of each State Members’ cultures and ways of life.



Moreover, whilst the State of Qatar is aware that there will always be funding and resource considerations for the Egmont group, H.E announced that Qatar government has been able to make some funding available to the Egmont secretariat to support this international engagement.

In closing, H.E stressed the importance of the Egmont group continuing to engage in close cooperation with FATF and FSRB’S and the other International partners.

H.E wished also to all delegates a productive and enjoyable 18th Plenary Session and confirmed his readiness to work with all of them to meet the aims of this esteemed Group, particularly to encourage international cooperation and stimulate the exchange of information, expertise and ideas among the international FIUs.

It should be noted that this Plenary is the first of its kind, as the Secretariat of the Egmont Group invited the General Secretariat of the GCC countries to attend the 18th Plenary as a supervising member in the Group, and was represented by Mr. Ibrahim bin Abdullah Al Mansour.

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