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Training Workshop for QFIU Staff 26/Sep/2010

Training Workshop for QFIU Staff

Following the first training workshop held by the international expert, Mr. Martin Comley, from 18-22 July 2010, QFIU hosted a second workshop for 5 days on “Developing FIU’s Financial Analysis Procedures” from 19-23 September 2010. The workshop was attended by QFIU staff and representatives of the supervisory authorities, and training aimed at defining the main functions of the FIU, upgrading the financial analysis skills and developing the internal procedures, along with discussing the main operations and the ways to be adopted to foster the national cooperation among the concerned authorities.

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Law No.(4) of 2010, Combating Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing.
Law No.(3) of 2004, Combatting Terrorism.
Law No.(11) of 2004, Penal Code Of Qatar.
Law No.(23) of 2004, Code Of Criminal Procedures.

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