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Publication of the Second Issue of MENAFATF E-Newsletter 13/Jan/2011

Publication of the Second Issue of MENAFATF E-Newsletter

The MENAFATF Secretariat published the second issue of the MENAFATF e-newsletter, which covers number of topics related to the activities of Qatar Financial Intelligence Unit (QFIU), the 2nd meeting of the Financial Intelligence Units “FIUs” forum, organized by MENAFATF and held in the State of Qatar, during which QFIU delivered a distinct presentation on “The promoting and follow up of joining the Egmont Group”, providing comprehensive information on the Egmont Group, its functions, the benefits and procedures of joining it, in addition to its membership requirements.

MENAFATF shed the light in this issue on the election of His Excellency Sheikh Ahmed Bin Eid Al Thani, as a member of the Egmont Committee and as a representative of the continent of Asia, whereas His Excellency is the first President elected to such prominent position in the Middle East and North Africa., MENAFATF praised also the report submitted by HE during the 18th Egmont Plenary held in Columbia, in which HE Sheikh Ahmed concluded the report issued by the 17th Egmont Plenary held in Doha in June 2009, which is the first Plenary of its kind in the region.

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