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The 14th MENAFATF Plenary Meeting 01/Dec/2011

The 14th MENAFATF Plenary Meeting

The 14th MENAFATF plenary meeting was held in the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria from 28 to 30 November 2011. A delegation from the National Anti Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Committee (NAMLC) and the Financial Information Unit (QFIU) chaired by H.E Sheikh Ahmed bin Eid Al Thani, Head of QFIU, participated in the Plenary.

The 14th plenary sessions included a number of important events and discussed a series of subjects related to the MENAFATF work and activities. The 14th plenary meeting approved on granting the United Nations an observer seat with the MENAFATF and adopting the work plan for 2012.

As to the follow up process for the mutual evaluation processes, the 14th plenary meeting has adopted 5 follow-up reports revealing the progress made by the relevant countries in developing their AML/CFT regimes according to the plan established for that purpose.

The 14th MENAFATF FIUs forum was also held on Saturday 26 November 2011 on the margin of the 14th plenary meeting, during which different topics were tackled, especially the encouraging and following-up of the FIUs’ applications to join the Egmont Group; the exchanging of experience through a presentation on the Best Practices made by 4 FIUs on “FIU cooperation with local counterparts”, and putting in place mechanisms of cooperation with other Working Groups within the MENAFATF.

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Law No.(4) of 2010, Combating Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing.
Law No.(3) of 2004, Combatting Terrorism.
Law No.(11) of 2004, Penal Code Of Qatar.
Law No.(23) of 2004, Code Of Criminal Procedures.

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